6 Mistakes To Avoid When Submitting A Guest Post

March 7, 2020 by No Comments

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their highest scorer, LeBron James to free agency. Now the whole city, including the business owners that built their fortunes by simply being located near the arena, is wondering what to do next. Small business owners can learn some valuable lessons regarding traffic generation from this story. Basically what the owners of the Cavaliers did was to hedge their bets on one player. They counted on the fact that LeBron James would always play for the Cavs. Small business owners do this when they rely on one source of traffic. The rest of this article will explain why it is not a good strategy to depend on one source of traffic. I will also offer other ways you can get traffic to your website.

Twitter – Track down the latest breaking news in your music scene and become the best source of music information for your fans. Also let your followers know about your own music once in a while.

Start small. Attend fashion shows in your hometown and work your way up. Start blogging about what you see. Submit guest posting service to fashion blogs a step above yours, and continue up the ranks. Write about the clothes, the designers the models , the industry. Build a strong resume of fashion work.

Get your information to spread by offering free products online like an ebook. Share them as much as possible. Make sure to include links back to your blog or website. Upload your ebooks to sites that allow sharing. When people come across your information and they think its good, they might embed it in their sites and blogs which can help you get more traffic.

One challenge authors have with designing their own blog tours is finding sites to work with them. How do you go about cultivating a network of bloggers to host your authors?

Add more media to your blog. You might just have text at the moment. Consider adding some video and audio to your blog to make things more interesting.

Guest blogging is a great way to build up your email list and to bring you new clients. By asking another profession that could be a referral partner for you, you are exposing yourself to a brand new audience. For instance, if you are a business coach, you could ask an attorney or accountant if you could do a guest post on their blog. By picking a topic that would be of interest to their clients, you get new readers that would never have read your blog or gone to your website.

Some bloggers only let you do one post but others are open to you guest posting weekly or monthly. I highly recommend doing 3 to 5 guest posts each month. Make it some of your best tips and ideas and add a link back to your website. You will get new visitors and new sign-ups for your email list and you know that leads to new clients.