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I have heard many people speak of a dream that took place in a house. Sometimes the house is familiar, sometimes. It is not. Sometimes the houses are empty, or sometimes they are furnished. Dreams of houses hold much meaning. There are deep symbolic messages held in every room. The area of the house that you recall, specifically, holds your own personal symbolic message. I’ve had many house dreams myself, and find them fascinating. The area of the house that I most often find myself in is the staircase. After much thought I have determined the symbolic meaning. After a little research I figured out that I was right on! If you’ve had a dream of either viewing a staircase, or being on a staircase this article is for you . . . read on as I explain what it all means!

Savannah Outen is a girl from Oregon with a huge voice. A voice that is more Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion than Britney or those lame teeny bopper starlets they manufacture every few years on the Disney Channel. She posted a few videos on MySpace and YouTube and has become an international sensation ever since. Her songs, ironically played on Radio Disney, are really very good compared to the pop trash that her peers put out, and she is getting better with each new song she comes out with.

Hamby has endured and now she’s “sui generis.” In a category of her own. Do not seek to imitate her, but note how far her creative process has brought her. In one interview, she remarked that she’s now trying free verse without these formal constraints, and her work is different and has advanced as a result. Like the modern dancer who knows all the balletic moves, she is free to push the envelope in some new way.

Inside visitors will first be further astounded by the grandeur of this impressive building. Most people will agree it took far too long to give the judicial branch of our government its own home but that the beautiful building goes a long way toward making up for it. I especially want to see the five-story marble Staircases UK supported only by overlapping stairs and their extensions into the wall. Visitors will also enjoy the pillared Great Hall with busts of each of the Chief Justices past and present.

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As we circled around the large, dilapidated house, I couldn’t help but observe, in awe, just how majestic the home used to be. It was huge, a mansion. Though boarded up, there were plenty of windows throughout all three stories. There was a large bay window near the front entrance. Though mostly missing now, there were still remnants of the front porch and stairs that used to lead to the large ornate front door. The door was weather beaten and chipped, but I could still see the Staircase design details underneath the sad layer of dirt and abandonment.

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