Are You Terrified Your Hand Sweating Will Embarrass You On Your First Date?

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Sweaty palm is called palmar hyperhidrosis medically. Sweaty palms problem happens with nearly every 6 out of 100 individuals. This problem has not been detected with its exact cause, but it is supposed to be hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system. This problem has got its internal causes as well as some external causes too. The external causing factor can be stress or emotion. In order to get rid of sweaty palms you need to cure it.

But that was obviously not the case, in fact I don’t think they helped even one bit. That was until I was referred to a treatment called article by a doctor. I was supposed to be using this treatment for six days. With two treatments each day, lasting around 20 minutes. It was pretty simple and it didn’t hurt or anything.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy is a relatively simple procedure that is done in local anesthesia but the problem with this treatment is that a lot of people start experiencing compensatory sweating on torso and their back. So even though that it’s highly effective it’s also highly risky.

There are natural treatments available for your sweaty hands too if you do not like medical options. These do not have the side effects that the above treatments could have. The treatments usually involve knowing which foods can trigger sweating too among other things.

Alcohol can be a useful tool to reduce the generation of sweats in the palm. Alcohol typically 40% of the solution can be used to absorb the excessive moisture. Alcohol can make your hands clean and clear if it is applied at the right proportion. Dermatologist also goes with the idea of applying Drysol. Drysol can be little itchy but the effect is noticed quickly. Hands can be also soaked in tea to reduce the excessive production of sweats. Tea contains some elements like the tannic acid which can be helping in reducing the sweat. After the application tea it must be kept for 10-15mins for the better result.

Iontophoresis: This is a treatment which is used by some hospital physiotherapy departments. The treatment wasn’t easily available earlier but now most hospitals have the equipment. You should ask your doctor to find you a place locally where the treatment is provided.The first step of the treatment requires you to place your hands in a bath of tap water. Through this, a very small electrical current is passed for time duration of 15 minutes.

It won’t loose its effectiveness over time, nor is it accompanied with uncomfortable side effects that diminish the relief of no longer having sweaty palms.

Take your son or daughter to a doctor whose line of expertise is hyperhidrosis. Check whether your insurance policy would cover for the required treatment. This way, you can provide the care, attention, and treatment that your child needs.