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Technorati is a site that you should become very familiar with as you start using social media in your business. Any social media marketing adviser worth his or her salt would tell you this.

Bookmark4u, and many more. Members within the community will start bookmarking your stuff back as you bookmark their own. What’s good about bookmarking is the leniency of advertisements and promotions as compared to social news sites.

The Comedy Examiner is not a fan of ventriloquists, and as such has decided that “The Jeff Dunham Show” is probably not his cup of tea. Having decided not to watch the new Comedy Central series, we were still intrigued as to what other people might think of it (such is our displeasure with ventriloquists: we hope to see them crushed).

Be especially mindful of your press page. You might have had a link to a press release on a Video, but the link could have been disconnected. When someone lands on your press page and are redirected to the main page of the site because the links to your release or article are inactive, once again, you lose that professional edge. That’s why it’s good to frequently check all of your links as well as create a PDF of any media mentions.

Set up a good website for product promotion and as a sneak preview for you customers to see what exactly is being offered. They get the preview before the general public does. It makes potential customers feel important when they are thought of in this exclusive way. Their loyalty will shift to you and your company as a result.

Just about any topic is fair game on MyLot, except the earning formula. MyLot administrators are very secretive about this. They do not want Mylot users abusing the algorithm. If anyone has figured out a sure fire way to earn the maximum amount per day, no one is talking.

The solution is to limit your negative associations or better still remove them completely. It is hard to do but you must protect the well-being of your positive attitude.

The stories themselves have to be interesting. Set alerts for breaking news and be the first to submit your story. Once you have built a following you can submit personal blogs and articles that link to a website you want to promote. Now you can begin to use Digg as a major traffic tool. This will increase page views and familiarize tons of new users with a site they have never seen before. This is a huge plus for you and your clients.