Gift Ideas For The Sailing Mom

December 25, 2019 by No Comments

Dining out is a luxury. It is supposed to be fun. For the person who is normally in charge of meal preparation at home, it is a nice break from cooking and cleaning up. It is a chance to be pampered a bit.

Some drinks are just as expensive as the main course. A glass of Red Wine Chocolate Hamper, a cocktail and even a beer can increase your bill. If you feel the need to drink, prepare a cocktail at home before you leave for the restaurant. Sodas and alcoholic beverages have some of the highest mark-ups. Many restaurants allow you to bring your own bottle to have with your meal. If you are going to take lunch or dinner at an expensive restaurant, order free tap water. This can help you save up to $100 a month.

If your mom isn’t the concert and play type, give her something to pamper herself. You can get gift certificates to many spas, hair-stylists, and nail salons. If you don’t know of a local spa, you can use Spafinder to not only find a spa, but also to purchase gift packages. However, you don’t need to go to a spa for pampering. You can easily create an excellent pampering gift basket. Include a candle, some tea or hot cocoa, a fun book like Eat Less Cottage Cheese and More Ice Cream by Erma Bombeck, a soft pair of slippers or snuggly socks, an individual bottle of whine, hand cream, bubble bath or bath salts, and maybe a CD of soothing music or nature sounds. It’s all the fun of spa in her own home.

You simply take fresh strawberries, sprinkle lightly with sugar Wine and Chocolate pore in a little cream or skim milk, if you prefer. That was one of my mother’s favorites. She would sometimes have it as a midday snack.

With the addition of Christmas dinnerware you can create a theme for your entertaining. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort that you have made to make their time with you a special occasion.

Candy. A sweet treat or breath mint is not a good idea for your pet. Many sweets contain the sweetener xylitol, which can lead to a huge drop in blood sugar, seizures, loss of coordination, and liver damage.

Set your table with all these lovely Christmas dinnerware pieces and enjoy them. Take pride in your decorations and your table. The extra effort you take to make this an important part of Christmas will live in the memories of your family.