Golf Fitness Programs

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Ever wanted to be part of one of the nation’s biggest golf amateur tours? With hundreds of tournaments nationwide, the AM Tour is the best in offering beginners and every-day golfers the chance at playing golf competitively.

Driving Times – Have a good idea where your lodging is in relation to the courses you are playing. If you have limits on how far you are willing to drive each day, be sure to let your package company know.

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There is more to hitting a long drive than strength, and flexibility is one important part. Many golfers are taking up serious stretching routines and even taking part in Pilates and yoga classes. These can help you make the turn quicker and stronger, and have more flexibility throughout your swing.

When walking through a Golf Tour store, the Discount TaylorMade Burner Plus Driver are not the first set that will catch my eye, but they could definitely be the second. The profile of theis one that any amateur could enjoy looking down and hitting because of the design to look like a players club. My only issues with the Burner Plus head are the size of the head and the thicker topline. I am biased on the top line though, as I am a blade enthusiast. In regards to the club head size, bigger head means more forgiving on the off-center shots. TheDriverare a sharp looking set of clubs.

If you like golf, you deserve a great golf and spa getaway! Great golf and spa resort is one of the best destinations in the world for your golf vacation. In fact, Great golf and spa resort is the best golf destination in the world and country! Some golf courses have hosted the U.S. Open, PGA Championship, Ryder Cup as well as many stops on the pro golf tour.

If you are fed up of just sitting in the hotel, you can always go on a bilingual tour of the Mayan ruins. There are different monuments that have not yet been spoilt by commercial activity. These will add to your experiences of the trips. Above all you should try to learn something about the local culture.