High Protein Diet Plan Ideas – And Fastest Way To Lose Weight Like A Carnivore

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In my first article about Rustico Pizzeria Restorante, I wrote about the warmth of the people that run this restaurant, and our dining experience. This time I wanted to give you more of an insight into their menu.

Rainforest Cafe – On the last day of our trip, we had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. I love this place and will review it soon. The food was, once again, more than either of us could eat. The price was around $11-15 a plate which isn’t bad in Vegas.

It seemed like it was only there to bond the veggies and the small beef pieces. The bread didn’t get rock-hard; it was the perfect consistency to hold all the ingredients together. Did it have that “Panini” appeal? A little. I would buy the Healthy Choice Cheese Steak Panini if my grocery store ran out of the Lean Cuisine version and I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.

Frankie Santos, a South Philly native, retired here in Tucson and brought with him his love of the real deal Cheeses Steak. By opening Frankie’s South Philly Cheesesteaks he added cheeses steaks to the list of amazing Tucson treasures and delights. This city, composed largely of transplants, seems to have everything, right down to authentic Big Tony’s West Philly Cheeses Steak. Frankie has quickly become a local, joining Tucson’s Originals, and networking with other local chefs and restaurateurs to offer Tucson only the best. And in this case it’s a cheeses steak which is not only is the best in town but rivals many in Philly itself!

Buffalo Inn has a very “down-home” feel to and many of the patrons have been coming to the Inn for years. My husband and I have been regulars for over 20 years.

There is however a large shaded outdoor seating area where most people choose to sit and soak up the great California sunshine or huddle around the fire pit at night.

Also new to the menu is a blackened Ahi tuna sandwich for $9.95, featuring thin slices of tuna on a toasted focaccia bun with avocado, oven-roasted tomatoes, greens and spiced tartar sauce.

They serve home made ice cream and a variety of pies. Located to the right end of the restaurant is an enclosed casino and bar. I will say that they have wonderful margaritas. Well they did about six years ago. Of course because of state law there is no longer any smoking section. They do smoke in the bar. There is a corral as well for large church parties or other groups. If this is someplace you would like to visit, here is the information: 14335 Highway 1, Vivian, LA or call (318) 375-5144.