Shopping For A Nursing Home

November 25, 2019 by No Comments

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Superman! Superman is perhaps the greatest superhero of all time. He is an American icon. He is faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive. He is able to leap tall buildings at a single bound and bend steel in his bare hands. Unfortunately, most people seem to think they have a lot in common with the Man of Steel. Many believe they are “bulletproof” when it comes to unforeseen situations that might make them dependent on others, especially for the long term.

Let’s say you really have looked at every hospital, every nursing home, every Memory Care Communities Dallas TX center in your area, and there are NO jobs. You have a decision to make. I tell my own kids this all the time: you can either choose where you want to live, and then work at whatever you like best that is available there, or you can choose what you’d love to do, and then go wherever you have to in order to do it. It’s just that simple. With a career in nursing, If you wait long enough and are willing to do what it takes at first (probably not too long, but be ready for a year or so), you’ll probably be able to have BOTH.

Marking pens. I use laundry markers to label the boxes. You may find these markers at grocery and discount stores. Packed boxes may be color-coded with stickers. Red stickers may indicate kitchen items, for example.

No Down Payment, First Month Free – Read the fine print on these claims. These offers sound fabulous, but remember, this is a business: If they cut costs off the top, they must make it up somewhere else. Are there extra fees as the level of care changes? Find out how the pricing structure changes as the need for care increases. If your loved one requires help with medication, dressing, bathing, and other daily needs, you may be charged extra.

When we first became responsible for an aunt with Alzheimer’s, our lives drastically changed. It often felt as if our lives were spinning out of control. There was little time for anything or anyone other than Aunt Betty. We finally realized that it would be impossible to continue at the same pace. If we failed to take care of ourselves, we might not be able to continue caring for her. Alzheimers can be a long, slow process. It is essential that Alzheimers caregivers take care of themselves, too.

Finally, although we may find it uncomfortable or distressing to see someone we care for be tearful or unhappy, it can be very comforting for that person to actually be allowed to grieve for the losses of a life with dementia. Many family members are unwilling to do this. As caring people, they really want to “fix” things but we can’t fix someone else’s Alzheimer’s – yet anyway. So the very best thing we can do sometimes is to stand by that person. Or to sit by them. To be kind and accepting and pass the tissues for those tears.

Play a card game – The simple task of matching and the repetition of counting and adding numbers in your head is a great memory enhancing exercise. Plus, it’s fun!