The Seo Gameplan – Meta Keywords

November 3, 2019 by No Comments

The tips I am about to share with are the exact methods and strategies I used to gain a thousand visitors a day to my blog and increase my followers by as much as 50 followers a day!

Putting aside the privacy issues and posizionamento motori di ricerca the file Google has on each and every one of us let’s look at how this will affect your website and your search placement. In that same Google interview they stated they will pursue all options to shorten search times. At the top of the list was site load times and robot read times.

Use the list of a few keywords and check out the competition that word/ phrase has on Goggle. Look at the number of competitors. If this exceeds a few million, then you need look for a more specific keyword. The next step is to observe the top listed pages and see how well they are optimized. You can download Google Toolbar and add Page Rank to your browser for free.

After doing my research, I opted to create a lens. Squidoo says that you can set up a lens in 5 minutes, this statement is true! I had my basic lens setup in a few minutes and found that it was very easy to add, amend and rearrange the modules on screen. If you find it difficult there are lots of lenses about making lenses, just do a search within Squidoo and you’ll be amazed how many people give away FREE information on how to do it.

A. There are various popular marketing campaigns that can help you in your website placement. You can use campaigns like Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Banner and Pixel advertising and Social Network advertising.

Ideally you already will have the necessary intimacy of knowledge of your products and writing your text should be a breeze. If you do not, admit it to yourself and set out to acquire that information. Read up about the products. Weigh up the pros and cons and learn which features are the products major selling points. Return to your site and update from a position of knowledge and insight. This will I guarantee you, make a huge difference to the way your site is ‘read’ and of course to the length of time your visitors stay to peruse its contents. Long term, a well expressed, concise yet informative, set of contextually linked copy will lead to more sales.

When search engine crawlers (robots) look at a website, the first file they will look at is not your index.html or index.php page. It is your robots.txt file.

Don’t ever spam, because you’ll loose credibility and traffic along with it. If you desire your online business to last for long, do not begin using all the “black hat” tools. It can not be considered a permanent business with those. And remember one final thing, be patient. It can’t be happening in just a blink of one’s eye. It might take days or merely weeks before you will get targeted traffic to your website. But once you are doing anything right, your internet site will likely have a growing number of visitors every day.