Top 10 Christian Music Patriotic Songs

November 3, 2019 by No Comments

The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. Greeting cards, flowers, and jewelry are very popular gifts for the mom in your life. What if you want to do something else different for her? What about the gift of music by way of a playlist she will love listening to any time of the year. These are 10 songs by very popular artist from various genres and eras. Some of the names you’ll recognize while others you may not. However, these songs touch upon the simple message of love and devotion. They are each inspirational and a joy to listen to. Without further ado let’s find out what are these top ten songs and the artists who’ve made them come alive.

DS: I guess the zenith for me of my comprehension of being a musician occurs when you are directly tapped into some source, and creating music from somewhere…drawing it out…. channeling it, at the expense of sounding corny… get in that zone, and to sit back and hear a tune unfold as you play it, not quite sure where it’s going next, but feeling where it’s going….(I) guess it must be like surfing somehow. You go with the vibe, it feels good, and there is a knowing there….and then you sit back and listen and think, that was ok.

“The GMA Dove Awards is one of the preeminent events in the world of Christian, Gospel and inspirational background music. Our relationship with the GMA and the Dove Awards is an important part of our strategy. We are pleased with the increasing numbers we are garnering with awards show. And, having the awards in Atlanta, the home of gmc, makes it doubly sweet,” said Charley Humbard, gmc CEO.

Read regularly. You can’t expect to master rocket science by picking up a book “occasionally.” Read the Bible regularly and it will come alive for you and your understanding will increase dramatically. Try to choose a time and place that you go each day. Soon this routine will be a highlight of your day and you will look forward to the rejuvenation that comes with the time spent in the Word.

Let’s get back to the fashion show. The organization was outstanding: snacks – great, iced tea – cold, DJ’s background music – appropriate and not overwhelming, atmosphere – friendly and very comforting. The runway outfits were from the store’s racks and happy customers could buy every single piece after the show, which they did immediately with great enthusiasm. Such enthusiastic consumer behavior is understandable, we could get the whole Autumn / Winter outfit, from top to bottom, including coat, shoes, hats and handbags for less than $50. Isn’t that amazing?

Everything that manifests starts with the intentions we set. At the start of this year, my intention was to deepen my practice of living in faith and ease. I felt called to go within and connect with my Divine inner spark. So that’s what I did. Through honoring that guidance, I practiced getting quiet, drawing from sources of high frequency energy and wisdom as well as relinquishing my need to look for my power outside myself. I stopped fighting life and instead focused on accepting and appreciating my life as it was unfolding. I made myself available to the universe, to move through me for the highest good. I practiced releasing my attachment to how and when that would show up.

Look at how we treat others. When we are genuinely kind and compassionate, we usually get a pleasant experience. When we’re bound up with tension, anger, or fear, it usually turns out to be an experience we want to forget.

It’s okay to say no… Now don’t say no to everything, but its okay to say no to what you can’t handle. If you want to spend the afternoon with family or friend and your boss comes in to ask you to work overtime its okay to say no. Just know you should say yes sometimes.